Whitetail 101 S1 E19, “Scouting Missions” | Post season Scouting


Post Season Scouting

On this episode of Whitetail 101, Bill Winke discusses his plans for the immediate week after the season ends with post season scouting. Scouting deer in the post season gives you immediate closure from this year’s season and at the same time a little bit of hope for next year.

Late season hunting is necessarily over! There is still time to kill a late season buck. Even if you get a spell of warm weather, deer will be moving. The break from the extreme cold seems to pull deer up from bedding areas just as cold fronts do in the early season. Last chance opportunities shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Post season scouting offers several advantages when done immediately after the closure of deer season. First off, previous hunts, deer movement, bedding area locations, wind directions, deer habits, food sources, and funnels are all very fresh and recent in your memory. This allows you to go into scouting more educated than you would normally be.

Second, deer sign is still incredibly fresh from the rut and late season, meaning any scouting trip will be very worthwhile. If snow happens to be on the ground deer sign will be very easy to track down and take note of. Rubs, scrapes, bedding areas, runs, funnels, and heavy traffic will all be very easy to note directly after the end of deer season.

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