Whitetail 101 S1 E11, “Early Rut Strategies” | Rut Hunting Strategies


The first week of November has arrived and it is a transition time for both hunters and bucks. Deer activity has gone from bucks more or less slightly pushing does, to now seeking the first does to come into estrous. Bill Winke discusses which hunting tactics and tree stand locations you should focus on. Not only does Bill cover early rut hunting strategies but exactly where to concentrate hunting efforts on during the morning and the afternoon.

The Morning:

During a morning hunt, Bill explains that bucks will seek out does around the bedding area. If you know where does will be bedding after they return from feeding, that is a good place to concentrate morning hunts on. Pick a stand location on the downwind side of the bedding area, and plan on entering the stand from the opposite side of the food source.

The Evening:

The primary evening strategy is to hunt a funnel or an edge of a feeding source. The does are still feeding in open area, for the most part, bringing the bucks with them. For the most part, the hunting strategy for both the morning and the evening is based on does and where they are feeding.

All Day Sits?

People usually start getting curious about when they should begin all day sits. Bill believes that you should start all day sits when appropriate around November 3rd and 4th for about a week. Perfect locations for all day sits include funnels between doe bedding areas with a food source close by.

Tree Stands for the Rut

Early rut hunting strategies focus around does. So for this week and the first two or three weeks of November, it is a good idea to go ahead and hang several tree stands for the rut. The easiest stands for this scenario is a pair of climbing sticks and hang-on tree stands.


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