Whitetail 101 S1 E12, “Indian Summer” | Warm Weather Hunting


Deer season ramps up during the first two weeks of November. Bow hunters wait all year for this week, November 7th– 13th as it can be the absolute best week for deer hunting. Unfortunately this November has been up to this point something that no hunter would look forward to. The temperatures so far this November have been completely warm, reaching 75 and 80 degrees in many parts of the Midwest. This can cause major frustration as the week begins to waste away. Warm weather hunting strategies are needed for the upcoming week.

Bill Winke of Midwest Whitetail is experiencing the same thing. The warm weather has slowed the rut action that is to be expected during this time of year.  Slow action and the rapidly approaching gun season forces bow hunters into action.
For this Bill supplies two main tips that you should focus on when it comes to warm weather deer hunting.

Tip 1: Mornings – morning hunts offer one major advantage over afternoon hunting, temperature. The coldest part of a 24 hour period is usually just before sunrise meaning the deer activity should be peaking around sunrise and the first hours of light. If the afternoon highs are reaching 70 degrees then plan on hunting the mornings as the temperatures will likely hit the low 40s and 50s.

Tip 2: Water – water may seem like the last thing on a rut crazed buck’s mind, but all of that running and cruising can cause a buck to overheat quickly meaning sooner rather than later he is going to make a pit stop to water. If water is a limited resource on your property then, by all means, take advantage and reap the benefits.

If the weather takes a turn for the better and cooler temperatures arrive, then your strategy should remain the same as it always should be during the rut. This strategy focuses on placing tree stands and hunting near or on doe bedding areas and/or transitions between food and bedding.

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