Whitetail 101 S1 E14, “Crunch Time” | Second Peak of Rut Hunting


Second Peak of Rut Hunting

On this episode of Whitetail 101, Bill Winke discusses this week’s  hunting scenario. It is Thanksgiving week and it also happens to be the last week of good rut hunting. This is “crunch time”!

Last week bill discussed the lockdown phase of the rut, we are now slowly working our way out of lockdown and back into the last segment of rut action. During this week, mature bucks rather than little bucks are on their feet. Young bucks that you saw nearly everyday of the first part of November are now slowing down, while mature bucks still have enough energy to seek and chase the last does coming into estrus.

This is a period that is make or break. Opportunities with a mature buck will exist as cold temperatures finally make their way over the Midwest. Cold temperatures with a few does still yet to come in creates a recipe where a hit-list buck can be harvested.

This is the back end of the bell curve of the rut, does are still coming in, and mature bucks are out trying to find them. Rut hunting strategies for this week include sticking to the bedding areas, but also keeping an eye on late season food sources. As hunting transitions into December, food sources become the focus instead of bedding areas.

Bill also discusses tree stand safety. Specifically, as the week progresses the wind arrives with the cold weather and cold fronts moving through. Freezing temps with high wind, and hunters becoming more desperate can lead to a deadly scenario. Stay out of dead trees and avoid putting tree stands up in trees that are surrounded by dead branches or trees that could potentially be dangerous. Overall, stay safe, get our and hunt, and have a good Thanksgiving this week!

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