Whitetail 101 S1 E15, “The Flight to Food” | Patterning a Buck


Patterning a Buck for the Late Season

On this episode of Whitetail 101, Bill Winke discusses patterning a buck for the late season. The rut, the action and movement around peak breeding, is coming to an end and once again whitetails will focus on food. This is the week to start the process of finding a buck on a pattern going to a late season food source.

To fill you in on how to pattern a buck for the late season, Bill walks you through his patterning process for the “Tight Rack 10”. The process started back in October, as bill began to get daylight pictures on his trail cameras. Information from the beginning of the season allowed Bill to identify his core area early, telling him where to start as the late season approaches.

The tool of choice after the rut is the trail camera. Trail cameras will allow you to pick back up on a buck’s pattern and core area, revealing information on his movements and possible opportunities for harvest.

Bill explains that a trail camera is the most useful tool during the late season. Bill uses the Muddy Pro Cam 12 on time-lapse mode to effectively watch over late season food sources around a buck’s core area.

Muddy Trail Camera Pro-Cam12Bill runs the trail cameras on time-lapse mode, specifically during the last hour and a half of daylight each day, on a 30-second interval. This allows him to see how many, and what deer are using the late season food sources and food plots during daylight when an opportunity is present during legal shooting time.

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