Whitetail 101 S1 E16, “Preparing For Late Season” | Cold Weather Hunting Strategy


Cold Weather Hunting Strategy

On this episode of Whitetail 101, Bill Winke discusses late season hunting as we find ourselves in the first week of December. On this episode, Bill discusses not only what the bucks are doing during this transition period to food, but also what your cold weather hunting strategy should look like.

During this week, bucks really settle in before acquiring a pattern around late season food sources. This is mainly due to the settling of cold weather. Once the cold weather arrives bucks develop the need to feed, and this is when the cold weather hunting strategy starts to take its place.

Bill feels that the best late season hunting takes place out of some sort of blind. There are several reasons behind this.

  • Cold – Blinds offer a hunter a windscreen and ultimately provides a hunter with a buffer from the elements.
  • Movement – By now deer are extremely wary of the slightest movements. This can make hunting from a tree stand A ground blind or elevated box blind allows you to conceal your movements.
  • Food Source – In this period of deer season, with the deer so heavily focused on food, blinds can easily be placed in and around the food sources according to patterns and wind directions.

By hunting out of blinds instead of tree stands a hunter can more effectively hunt the late season, while at the same time being more comfortable.

preview-full-box-blind-reviewThe Muddy Box Blind, or The Muddy VS360 Ground Blind offer two choices that are perfect for late season hunting. Finding the late season food source now, and placing a blind creates the perfect hunting setup for cold weather hunting.

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