Whitetail 101 S1 E18, “Weather Breaks” | Hunting Weather Fronts and Breaks


Hunting Weather Fronts and Breaks

On this episode of Whitetail 101, Bill Winke dives into the last weeks of the late season. The Midwest has been blessed with many cold fronts sweeping through, but unfortunately this alone does not seem to be persuading mature bucks to feed in daylight. Bill dives into what he thinks may be the reason for this unsettling observation. Bill also gives a practical solution in the form of advice on hunting weather front and more importantly a “weather break”.
One of the two reasons mature bucks may not be on their feet is how close we still are to the gun season. The hunting pressure of gun season tends to send bucks into nooks, where they might hold up and only move during the night. Being only a week or so past your state’s gun season means that the pressure is still embedded in their memory.

The second possible explanation is that there is simply way too much food available out there. Even though several cold fronts have swept across the states, it doesn’t mean deer and more importantly mature bucks have to move with the food availability where it is currently at.

The most important takeaway from this episode of Whitetail 101 is that the late season is hardly ever fruitless. The late season always proves to be a very promising time to target and harvest a hit-list buck.

Rather than looking for weather fronts, a weather break, such as a warm spell after a prolonged period of very cold temperatures is needed to get deer moving. This upcoming week, approaching the Christmas weekend offers just that. During this time it is important to look into green food sources again such as clover fields, winter wheat, and winter rye.

As the weeks continue, and the cold weather settles in, make it a point to analyze and consider hunting weather fronts and more importantly weather breaks. For more late season hunting tips follow along with Muddy TV or the Muddy Blog. For more deer hunting videos and weekly hunting, web shows like this visit Muddy TV. Also be sure to check in every week for new hunting tips, tactics, and strategies at Muddy’s Blog.


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