Whitetail 101 S1 E4, “Water Sources” | Water Holes for Deer


Water Holes for Deer

Water sources are key resources for deer during both the early season and the rut. Both are extremes during deer season. During the early season, the summer heat still lingers in the September and October woods. Unlike mid-summer, plants do not offer the metabolic intake of water in September and October like they once did, meaning deer must hit these water sources often. This creates a unique opportunity to install your own water holes for deer. These water holes create great opportunities for a tree stand  ambush site or a place to put a trail camera up.

Muddy Trail Camera

Water holes for deer can be installed like mock scrapes, offering great “bait sites”, or in other words, just a point that can draw deer into the trail camera’s field of view. This gives you both valuable intel as well as a great opportunity to hunt come fall.

On the second half of this episode, Bill discusses the better option between stopping a deer for a shot or taking a walking shot.


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