Whitetail 101 S1 E8, “October Cold Fronts” | Best Way to Hunt October Cold Fronts


Best Way to Hunt October Cold Fronts


On this week’s episode of Whitetail 101, Bill Winke discusses October bow hunting tactics. As we move through now to the second week of October a lot is changing for deer and their food sources. As the plethora of acorns dominates as a highly competitive food source, one food source has the power to pull deer off of acorns…cut corn fields. As farmers harvest corn, they naturally leave behind plenty of kernels scattered around the ground, providing an often times easier and more attractive food source for deer.

Combine a freshly cut corn field with an October cold front and you have a recipe for a great afternoon hunt. Bill discusses, while cut corn fields might be extremely attractive, warm weather can hold mature bucks out later or deter them from moving much at all. This is why this week’s topic focuses around October cold fronts! When an October cold front works its way through the Midwest and the states, deer suddenly become more active earlier, giving bow hunters a chance to see mature bucks on the food sources (acorns, brassicas, cut corns, clover, beans).

climbingsticksBill also discusses what tree stands he prefers to hunt with, specifically focusing on climbing sticks. Bill and the Midwest Whitetail team prefer to use the Muddy Aerolite Climbing Sticks as they are light and easy to pack in and out. Bill also mentions the Muddy Outfitter climbing sticks and the Muddy Stagger Steps.


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