Whitetail 101 S1 E20, “Season Summary” | Deer Season Summary


Deer Season Summary

As deer seasons in many states come to a close following the holiday weekend many hunters begin to look back over the season to figure out what was responsible for either their success or failure. In this episode, Bill Winke runs through a quick deer season summary touching on many of the different strategies and changing tactics that go into each part of the season.  Each one of the past 20 episodes went into each strategy, tactic, and a week of deer season to present you information to stay one step ahead of the deer and more importantly your hit list buck.

The Early Season

The early season is filled with high anticipation, and usually, for good reason as finding the early season food source can usually point the way to a hit-list buck’s pattern and feeding habits. This allows early season bow hunters to potentially grasp success early.

Early Season Hunting

Early Season Trail Camera Tactics

The Rut

The rut is in general what comes to mind when discussing deer season. This often is regarded as the best time to kill a mature hit-list buck. With daylight activity and movement at an all-time high, finding the does can directly relate to finding the bucks. However, some very specific tactics Bill gave during November can stack the odds in your favor come the 2017 season.

Rut Hunting 101 | Your Guide to the Rut

The Late Season

Perhaps an even better time to take a mature buck, the late season can create opportunities out of desperation. This was the most recent round of tactics/strategies Bill discussed. The late season revolves around the arrival of winter. A drop in temperature followed by a drop in available food sources means that if you have the right property, right food plots, and have hunted smart up to this point in deer season, you should reap the benefits.

Late Season Deer Hunting | Your Preparation Starts Now

Post Season

With the post season already started in many states, Bill moves past looking over this deer season summary, and turns his attention to next year. The 2017 deer season is already underway, as post season scouting, maintenance, management, and shed hunting will commence directly behind the closing of the season. These, especially post season scouting, can start off your 2017 deer season by identifying opportunities based on observations made that went unnoticed this season.

Post Season Scouting

Looking for more content beyond this deer season summary? To keep up with the latest intel, even throughout the off season, visit Muddy TV. Also be sure to check in every week for new hunting tips, tactics, and strategies at Muddy’s Blog.


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