Whitetail 101 S1 E7, “Open Season” | Best Tree Stands For The Midwest


On this week’s episode of Whitetail 101, Bill discusses where he is moving his trail cameras and which are the best tree stands for the Midwest. As food sources and home ranges start shifting for bucks, trail cameras need to be shifted as well. For Bill, this means switching over his trail cameras to green food sources such as clover or brassicas.

Muddy The Vantage Point Hang-on Tree Stand

In this episode, Bill also discusses which tree stands are best suited for the style of hunting Midwest hunters deal with. He discusses that Hang-on tree stands are the best tree stands for the Midwest as they can solve the challenge of trees with multiple branches. This allows hunters to sneak in and out of tree stands without making a lot of racket like you would with a climbing tree stand.


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