Whitetail Watch “Late Rut Tactics”

The lockdown phase of the rut is tough hunting. There are a lot of does in estrous, meaning the majority of bucks are with does. With so many does in, bucks do not have to go far until they are tied up again. Young bucks are more visible during this time of the rut, they seem to give up more easily on the rut and retire back to food sources. Deer hunters also seem to give up easily during this time, considering the recent action of the earlier stages of the rut, the woods seem dead.
Around the time of November 20th the lockdown phase seems to break, and food sources should be your focus. From this point on, more deer will be encountered in late season food sources and the last rut activity that will be seen, will take place around these areas. Don’t give up, mature bucks will be on their feet, not nearly as much action as before but they can be seen hugging a doe near these late season food sources.
On this episode of Muddy’s Whitetail Watch, join Bill Winke as he discusses the lockdown phase of the rut, what to focus on, where to find bucks, and what to look forward to as the season progresses. Bill also dives into tree stand sets for filming, both with a cameraman and sets for self-filming, and the products and camera arms you may want to consider.


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