Whitetail Watch “Refocusing On Food” | Food Sources for Late Season

The last week of November can seem depressing. Movement starts to slow during the morning hunts, and this is troubling considering these hunts were just action packed sits the week before. Hunting over bedding areas, right over top or next to the beds, is your best bet for morning sits now, but unfortunately the hunts will only get slower.
During this time period, really from the last week of November on, you should start to re-focus on food sources. Standing beans, brassicas, and standing corn all are great late season food sources for afternoon hunts during the latter parts of the deer season. The rut is winding down and bucks are worn out, they will begin to recuperate going from bedding areas to food sources and back again.
On this episode of Muddy’s Whitetail Watch, join Bill Winke as he discusses his strategy, focus, and opinions on hunting the late season, and which food sources are best during this time. Bill also dives into what to look for in a great tree stand location and how to hang the stands in that area.


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