Whitetail Watch “Late Season Stands” | Late Season Deer Hunting


The last portion of the hunting season, or late season deer hunting , is often regarded as your last best chance to kill mature bucks. The best tree stand locations for the late season will be concentrated around food, but much more needs to be considered.

when late season deer hunting the most important aspect of hunting is not busting deer off of these food sources when entering or exiting your stand. Even if you scare non-target deer out of the food plot, or around your tree stand or ground blind, you will cause a ripple effect. Deer have body language that can cause a tremendous amount of tension and stress in certain areas or situations where you have alerted them before. This reduces the amount of daylight action you will see on your property.

On this episode of Muddy’s Whitetail Watch, join Bill Winke as he discusses late season tree stand locations and gives tips and locations to beat the struggles of busting deer during this time. Bill also discusses hunting out of ground blinds over feeding areas, and how much time it takes for deer to get used to a blind.



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