Whitetail Watch “Finding Does” | Locating Does

Late October and the beginning of November mark the beginning phases of the rut. During this time locating does should be your biggest concern. Keep the rut simple, find the does, and the bucks will eventually appear. Spending your hunting hours around concentration of does in the morning and afternoon will eventually earn an encounter with a buck. Anyone who has ever encountered a mature doe or doe group knows this is no easy task, mistakes made with this strategy result in educating several deer. Bedding areas and food sources are key areas to focus on, but careful considerations must be made with so many deer in the area.
On this episode of Muddy’s Whitetail Watch, join Bill Winke as he discusses the early phase of the rut, and how to find, locate, and hunt does during this time. Bill also dives into one of the most important aspect of deer hunting, safety. Find out which 3 safety products are essential for your deer hunt.


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