Whitetail Watch “Season In Review” | Location for your Tree Stand


Determining which tree is the perfect location for your tree stand might not be simple as you think. The deer hunting season spans 4-6 months depending on the state, meaning many aspects change over the course of the season. Deer behavior, deer movement, buck movement, food sources, and your hunting strategy changes with each month, cold front, or phase of the season and rut. There is a general formula for three main parts or sections of the deer hunting season, the early season, the rut, and the late season.

The early season should take your focus to food, patterns, funnels, and doe concentrations. Perfect early season tree stand locations will be concentrated on early food sources and should take advantage of early October cold fronts. Tree stand locations for the rut should concentrate on the areas in between the focal points of November, where bucks will cruise for hot does. As the late season rolls out, deer will be back on food sources and deer sign becomes more obvious as the season closes. Tree stand locations for the late season should be dependent on late season scouting to find these food sources, a bucks home range, and his movements from bedding to food.

On this episode of Muddy’s Whitetail Watch, join Bill Winke as he discusses his strategy, focus, and tree stand placement for the early season, rut, and late season. Bill also dives into post season scouting and Muddy’s products that are in use for the show. To See all of Muddy’s New products Click here

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